Juan's GM application.

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Juan's GM application.

Post by RandomID on Sun Jul 17, 2011 7:01 pm

Name: Juan Diaz

IGN: Brux

Age: 17

Location: Los Angeles, California

Time zone: PST (GMT – 8:00) or (GMT – 7:00 [DST])

Position being applied for: Game Master.

Experience: No past experience.

Tell us about yourself:
Showing my personality is much easier than describing, but I’ll give it a shot.
I'm 17 (18 in October) and I'm obsessed with a band called Muse. I attach myself to people very easily, I excite easily, I LOVE people who have the same sense of humor as me and I’m an atheist. I’ve just graduated high school this past June and I’ve sadly declined the idea of going to college until next year, due to financial problems.
Once I get to know someone well, I may come off mean from my playful attitude, but I never mean any derogatory comments that I may say and I make sure people know that. I’d like to think of myself as a caring person; I’ve always had a tendency to care more about other people in need than myself, no matter how low I may be feeling. Although I tend to be friendly with anyone, there are always little things that annoy me. However, they never alter my actions compared to prior of the feeling. I’ve learned to control my emotions and I don’t let them effect my decisions.

Contact Info:
jadiaz1093@yahoo.com; MSN: xikshadow@hotmail.com; Skype: notjuan

In your opinion, what is the ideal GM?
My view on what an ideal GM would be is:
Friendly/Nice. I’ve seen my share of GMs that just snap at people for no particular reason and I’m glad to say I’ve yet to see anyone in Doodle do so. A friendly GM isn’t just someone who greets people whenever, but also converses, making players feel welcomed to their possible new home. They put aside what they’re doing, politely if they’re talking to someone else, to help a person in need.
Dedicated. A GM shouldn’t just get on every once in a while. Sure, there are exceptions when life takes its priority, and that’s always understandable. Not only is dedication just being online, but also taking the time to better themselves at their job. Whether it’s getting down commands, knowing efficient ways to use them, expanding their knowledge, or just putting themselves out there when no one else will. And also takes their job seriously and completes their expected duty as an GM.
Responsible. It’s always a tendency to make up excuses, but a GM should always claim his/her actions. The need to lie is absolutely pointless and could eventually just hurt them even worse than taking responsibility for their faults. They should also keep their word, or do their best to keep it at the very least.
Intelligent. To me, intellect is measured far beyond just academic knowledge. Intelligence is ruminating before taking action, knowing what is actually the right or wrong thing to do, not what they FEEL is right. Being able to learn in any situation, whether they’ve failed or succeeded. Knowinq dat tlkng like dis, shows a massive decrease in appealing authority. Their grammar and syntax does not have to be flawless, but, to me, giving the extra effort in typing is definitely worth it. Lastly, simply knowing when something has just gone too far or when something is for the greater good and having the ability and desire to learn in general.
• Ultimately, a GM needs to be both, a leader and a respectful follower when needed and know when to be what. If regular players are getting the best of them, getting them to do what THEY want, they should reconsider their job. Don’t misinterpret that, I know actions should be done to benefit the players, but GMs should have control of any and all situations, while still knowing that power is a privilege.
I have trouble explaining my thoughts, but this is roughly what I believe the characteristics of an ideal GM should be.

How are you unique?
I believe I’m unique in the way I think. I’m proud to say I’ve made almost every decision within the last year with the outcomes in mind. I may take risks sometimes, but only when there’s a high enough chance at benefiting from them. I contemplate very seriously when it’s needed. I’ve managed to, as I say it, save my life due to it. Sure, I had to give up the people who took me in when I had no one, but honestly I would be scum if I didn’t.
Another factor about me that I believe to be unique is my determination. When I want something bad enough, I’ll do it. Whether I end up doing it too late or not, I’ll get it done. Whether I’m trying to fix a relationship/friendship, learning a skill or improving one, trying to improve myself or even just doing my best to make sure I keep a promise, I’ll put all of my effort into it. If I fail, then I’ll just be determined to make it up to myself, or the person I disappointed.

How do you think DoodleStory could improve?
I’m content in the hard work in improving the server at the moment, so I won’t have anything to say until the end result aside from just having a bigger community.

What do you think about the current GMs?
Tamara: She’s works very hard and is very smart. I sometimes forget that she’s the owner just because she’s so friendly and easy to get along with. She’s a fantastic owner and I’ve yet to see something to dislike.
Anh: Honestly, we’ve yet to ever talk. However, since last year, I’ve had the outmost respect for him. I respect him for his hard work in the server and when he knew to make life his priority, intelligence, and his sometimes humorous honesty.
Eunsol: Since she became a GM, I’ve been somewhat busy, so I haven’t seen her do much yet, but even before she got the job, I’ve respected her as well. She seems very friendly and intelligent.
Liam: I enjoy his experience in being a GM and his personality - it’s very funny. I’ve only talked to him slightly, but I don’t think I’ll dislike him any time soon.
Carolyn: I don’t know anything about her aside from her recent strike, but I have faith in her keeping anything like that happening again. She does seem friendly though.
Aaron: Again, as a GM, I wouldn’t know what to say, but as a player, I think he’s a good guy. He’s enjoyable to have around and I’m looking forward to him becoming a good GM.

During what times of the day will you be online?
I tend to wake up late and sleep late, so during the summer I’ll be on roughly almost every day from 3 P.M. (at the latest), to 4 A.M. (earliest). After September, I plan on working as much as I can, but I see myself coming home and getting online.

How long have you played DoodleStory?
I first joined August 18 of last year. Yes, that’s the exact date. And I was active until around when school started.

How will you have a positive effect on the server?
I plan on offering myself, not only as help in the server, but also to the extent of my abilities outside of it. Whether it’s learning how to do something incase no one is around to do it, or just trying to help Tamara in whatever way she may need me. Also, I believe I could eventually get to a point where I could help people not only in their technical needs, but possibly advice on just about anything. Sure, I could do most of it as a regular player, but that’s how I want to seem. I don’t see myself thinking I transcend others, but working hard to fulfill my expectations if I get the job is all I want to do.

Why did you apply?
I’ve always considered the idea of applying to be a GM. However, I always let my opportunities pass by since I would’ve just rather let someone with experience take the spot. I feel as though I can work hard enough to prove myself to eventually be close to, or as good as, an experienced GM. I honestly do not see myself leaving Doodle. I had no interest whatsoever in any kind of Maplestory after last year. However, for some odd reason, once I got the news of this coming back, my nonstop playing of DFO just stopped. I love our community, old and new, along with new to come. I applied for the new experience and because I feel, in time, I can learn enough to benefit the server.

What characteristics do you possess that make you a good GM?
I crave knowledge, I’m hardworking, loyal, trustworthy, caring, smart, respectful, mature when I need to be, silly when it doesn’t matter, and I have all intentions on proving each characteristic.

What are some of your faults that would affect your position as a GM?
I decided to add this portion, because I feel they should be added in any application. Knowing what would make someone a good GM is just as important as knowing what would make them a bad one.
First thing I can think of is the fact that it’s hard for me to like someone after disliking them. I honestly don’t think it would affect my position since I wouldn’t dare act negatively upon someone because of it, but it’s true. Another thing would be the fact that I get attached easily. Sometimes that can go wrong and injure my emotions and my online time. Lastly, I believe sometimes I might be too loose with my playfulness and it could be taken the wrong way.
I had trouble thinking of things, but I try to recognize certain things quickly so I can mentally repair myself. (Such a weird comment.)

To prove you are human, when Littlefoot's mother died in the original `Land Before Time', did you feel sad?
I…. cried. Honestly, I did when I was smaller. I also cried EVERY time Mufasa died in ‘The Lion King.’
I was like 5, leave my sensitive being alone. Dx

Anything else you'd like to add: Thank you for reading my application.

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Re: Juan's GM application.

Post by Annie; on Sun Jul 17, 2011 9:55 pm

This is the best app I've ever read in my entire Maplestory career, so far. It's detailed and shows emotion, honesty, and responsibility. Best of luck to you, Juju!
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Re: Juan's GM application.

Post by LeChad on Mon Jul 18, 2011 8:56 am

Nice, Juan. You seem like a nice person with a defined set of ideals that would suit the job well.

As long as you don't attach yourself to a certain group of people and hangout with them all the time....I'm sure you'd do fine meeting new players and treat them fairly/well.
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Re: Juan's GM application.

Post by Tamara on Sat Jul 23, 2011 4:45 am


If I could be who you wanted, all the time.

Thanks Ant.

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Re: Juan's GM application.

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