Aaron's application

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Aaron's application

Post by Aaronishere on Sat Jul 23, 2011 2:20 am

Name: Aaron

IGN: Rapist

Age: 17

Location: Massachusetts

Time zone: EST

Position being applied for:I’m applying for Level 3 GM position.

Contact Info: Bottleoflove@hotmail.com

Tell us about yourself: Your background, etc, anything you're willing to share with us. Let's us know you a little better, on a personal level.
I enjoy hanging out with my friends in game as well as real life. I’m a relaxed person and I can talk to people about anything if they desire to talk. I love making new friends. I’m lazy at times, but I work hard when there are works that are needed to be done.

In your opinion, what is the ideal GM?
Everyone has their own opinion of their “perfect” GM. My opinion of a perfect GM would be a GM that is a captivating conversationalist, has enduring leadership, and isn't prejudice.
- My ideal GM is that him/her would do anything to give life to the server by using his or her potential to the fullest. I think this is crucial because GMs make up for part of the community. That would mean s/he would host events that are fun and being talkative to players in game. However, a GM shouldn’t just be a great communicator, but also a great listener because players will always complaints, issues, problems, etc. The GM should help players in a friendly manners instead of getting mad easily. GM aren’t necessarily entertainers, but by making friends and keeping the community alive is something a GM should do. In my opinion, a GM should develop a bond with players and make them feel like they’re wanted in Doodle instead of choosing certain individuals.
-Leadership is something that a GM should have because as his/her fellow players would ask him/her for help for guidance and such. My ideal GM should handle problems with as much ease as possible. Also, GM should be able to control situations without causing too much hassle. The GM should also learn from his/her mistakes and use those mistakes as their advantage to avoid the same thing from happening in the future. Leadership skill also involves taking initiative which means the GM would do what is right and taking care of what matters first before moving onto the less important things.
-The ideal GM would be as unbiased as possible, and should at least get to know someone before being judgmental. GM should know when to ban the player based on their actions not because of whom they are. GM shouldn’t favorite his/her peers because s/he likes them more than the other. Even if the GM adores someone, s/he should not give that person special privileges.
In conclusion, my perspective of a “perfect” GM would be someone who is talkative and keeping the community alive, containing leadership skills by helping his/her peers to the fullest and taking initiative in situations, and being fair which means s/he will not form any personal clique or anything of a sort to exclude all players and giving everybody s/he meets a chance.

How are you unique?
My opinion on why I would be unique is that I try to make friends and develop a bond with each person if possible. In addition, I rarely(if never) gets angry and try to joke around instead of causing a feud with people.

How do you think DoodleStory could improve?
DoodleStory is still currently in beta as of today(7.22.11). I wouldn’t know what DoodleStory could need to improve yet. But I could that DoodleStory improve by having more variety of events instead of plain old LMS(Last Man Standing) and T/F, etc. I guess that last thing is the most noticeable is that the server needs more player

What do you think about the current GMs?
Tamara - I’ve known Tamara for about a year now and she’s easy to communicate with and talk to. She is very friendly, but she can make your life miserable if somehow piss her the fuck off. She works hard to help the server and attempting to build a better community for the players.
Anh - Anh gives up a lot of his spare time to help the server improve as he codes for the server. Anh is emotionless and he is extremely honest with his opinions even if it will make you cry.
Eunsol - Eunsol is a troll. She will talk shit about you with whatever comes to her mind. She’s a great GM though and she tries her best to main a positive atmosphere; she has also developed bonds with players to make them feel welcome and communicating with one and another.
Liam - When the server first came up, my opinion of him was negative. I thought he only talked with certain players from Forest and didn’t make any effort to converse with other players. But as time progressed, my opinion of him changed drastically. He started communicating with other players and making them feel like they are welcome to the community.
Carolyn - We should thank her for donating so much to keep the server alive and she is always there to host events to provide fun for the community. Even though she got a strike on the first week that Doodle reopened, she managed to learn from that mistake and even though it’s her first time becoming a GM, I assume, she is learning well from the current GMs and improving herself daily to become a better GM.

During what times of the day will you be online?
I am most of the day unless I have something to attend to or I’m either sleeping or doing housework.

How long have you played DoodleStory?
I have played DoodleStory ever since it was opened.

How will you have a positive effect on the server?
I think I will have a positive effect on the server because I am on most of the time and I try my best to talk to each player. I try my best to help each player if they need it and talking about life situation if they wish to share it with me.

Why did you apply?
I am applying because I want to help improve the community as well as myself. I feel that as I became a GM, I became nicer towards people. I also believed that I developed a better bond with each player. I also applied because I believe that I can make the community better and more welcoming.

What characteristics do you possess that make you a good GM?
The characteristics that I have are that I’m talkative, altruistic, and chill!
Talkative - easier to communicate with the community
Altruistic - putting important things and players ahead of myself.
Chill - I’m easy to communicate with and I usually never get mad at anyone or hold grudges against anyone.

To prove you are human, when Littlefoot's mother died in the original `Land Before Time', did you feel sad?
I have never watched this movie, but I guess I wouldn’t be sad because it’s a kid movie. The movie is also about dinosaurs. . . So I would just continue on with the movie till the ending.

Thank you for your time.

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Re: Aaron's application

Post by Smut on Sat Jul 23, 2011 2:32 am

To prove you are human, when Littlefoot's mother died in the original `Land Before Time', did you feel sad?
I have never watched this movie, but I guess I wouldn’t be sad because it’s a kid movie. The movie is also about dinosaurs. . . So I would just continue on with the movie till the ending.

YOU HEARTLESS FGT, when his mother died, it was very sad, go watch the movie.


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